This company was founded early 2004, with the brand "Dhecyber". Even as a fairly young company, Dhecyber is already prominent for the existing internet experts of Indonesia. The founders of the company were especially experienced in the world of webhosting in Indonesia, as they once held the position of a management team in a major data center. Dhecyber’s mission is to break away as a company that is made stronger by excellent customer service. For this, the company took the decision to concentrate on managed server hosting such as collocation and dedicated server. The founders, having years of experience in the field, realize that the services provided must always be in parallel with the stableness of the existing server.

For that reason, Dhecyber has formed a new brand, “Committed Support”, a slogan that focuses on the satisfaction of the customers, by combining Dhecyber’s Customer Relations Management with the supply of Server. Dhecyber hopes that with the “Committed Support” or “CS” that the company has formed, customers can finally say “WE ARE SATISFIED”. Dhecyber may be categorized as a fairly young company, but we continuously strive to learn and learn some more. We patiently wait for the input from all internet users in general, especially our existing customers. Dhecyber gives a solution that is special to your server needs. Our staff represent the best of dedication and experience in the field of data center.