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What is the different between colocation server and dedicated server ?

Colocation server, customer deposit their server to Dhecyber, and we will connected with our network. Dedicated server, Dhecyber hire out server to customer.

When my server ready to use ?

After all payment we receive in front of, in 2x24 hours your dedicates server ready to use

Can I trial first ?

Yes, of course. With colocation server service, we give 2 days for trial

For Colocation, can I use tower server, or must rackmount server ?

All kind of server are available

How is the limitation voltage from server which my colocation in Dhecyber ?

Suitable with the standar is 350 Watt, more than that will be charge

Can I have more than one server and build own little network ?

Yes, you can connecting more than 1 server with cross cable

Can i root acces to my server ?

Yes, you can access root to yours server. You can install any software that you needed in that server, as long as not make your server down and all that install in, is not our responsibility

If I cancel the service after I use the server, can I get my money back ?

No, we can't payback your money for the dedicated server that you has order and pay.

Did Dhecyber have any system monitoring for my server ?

Yes, all servers will be monitor with Ping basic. Our technical will adjust if any special order from you.

Did dhecyber support 24 hours ?

Yes our technical support be ready for you during 24x7x363 days to handle and solve your server problem

If I want use cPanel, did dhecyber provide it ?

Yes,of course, because we are the legal NOC partner from cPanel

If I have own Memory or Hardisk, did Dhecyber can help me to add in my dedicated server?

Cannot, because all hardware is Dhecyber properties and cannot use your hardware

Can I added memory in my dedicated server If one day my memories in decicated server is not enough?

Yes. We will charge extra monthly fee to you

How about payment for dedicated server?

For Dedicated server, minimum payment is 3 month in advance, after that per month, and contract 1 years

Is your support include 3rd party installation? example if we have trouble to install GD, Image Magic, and etc

It depend on you, which level of managed service you order, but we can help you how to install, all by easy apache, that simple thing

How if any damage in hardware? how long process to change the damage hardware needed?

We will change, minimal time to change is 15 minutes and max 3 hours

How we can contact your support?

You can contact our support by phone and also by email, 24 hours

If any damage on main hardisk, and then we ask to restore for backup HardDisk to new Main Hardisk, is any charge?

It's depend the type of your Backup HardDisk, if the content between main hardisk and harddisk Backup same, it is free

When we have any trouble, example some thing that interrelated with cPanel, is it include support ?

It's depend level of managed service that you order, but we can help you to tutor the solve problem